CFQ Qigong

Qigong is a series of light exercises originated from ancient Chinese methods of healing. CFQ Qigong is a particular form of Qigong that was developed by Master Yap Soon Yeong of Penang, Malaysia.  CFQ Qigong is a series of 7 main and several complimentary movements  that are specifically designed for healing. It can be used as a tool to deal with both physical and emotional problems. CFQ Qigong is currently being used to treat and heal many diseases and chronic problems including migraines, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fybromyalgia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and cancer. (See recent study below)  

These gentle non invasive exercises facilitate the body's self-healing mechanism, helping the individual to gain insights into their problems, overcome adversities in life and heal even the most severe illnesses.

The engagement of even a short period of daily practice will relax and free the mind allowing for deep relaxation and healing. The individual will feel lighter and the body and mind will be freer to work with their life situation. Qigong compliments both western and eastern medicine.

You can learn CFQ Qigong during a 2 day workshop.


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