Upcoming Group Therapy Covering Mindfulness & Relationships

Mindful awareness supports our ability to be present to what is actually happening in our moment-by-moment experience rather being caught up in reactive or harmful patterns.  Often times, these patterns are ways that we have learned to feel safe, valued, secure.  This group will be held by zoom and is open to both Nova Scotia and Ontario residents. 

Focusing on self compassion and healing, group participants will connect how past experiences and patterns show up in the here and now, and how we can move through habitual patterns that may be causing pain today.

Lori Slaunwhite MA RCT is pleased to offer this trauma-informed, mindfulness-based space for women to come together to look at their own relational patterns and behaviours.

Start Date: April 12th, 2021

Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm Atlantic time

Duration: 8 Consecutive Weeks (except for May 24th), closed group of 8 women

The fee for the group is $320. To register, email info@wholetherapy.ca with the subject line: “Mindfulness & Relationships Registration”. Please confirm your name in the email. $160 deposit is required for registration and the remaining $160 is payable before the first group. 

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