Upcoming Group Therapy Series: Trauma Healing - Level 1: Stabilization

Join us this March & April for free virtual group therapy series focusing on wholistic healing from trauma!

The 4 week series will begin on March 28th from 12pm - 2pm and run for four consecutive weeks, meeting virtually on our secure Zoom platform.

Topics covered will include:

Week 1 - March 28th: What is trauma? Psychoeducation and window of tolerance. (brining awareness to the nervous system in the aftermath of trauma)

Week 2 - April 4th: How to use our senses and mindfulness to get grounded.  (breath work, mindfulness-based meditation, 54321 and other grounding exercises)

Week 3 - April 11th: Interrupting trauma-based patterns (healthy boundary setting, assertiveness skills, self-care etc.)

Week 4 - April 19th: Creating a resilient & healing environment – how to use your new skills to promote healing and resiliency in the aftermath of trauma.

Register today by calling us at (902) 461-1721 or emailing us at info@wholetherapy.ca

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