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Art Therapy

Art therapy is used to help individuals manage physical and emotional issues by using a creative means of expression.

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Art Therapy provides a way for individuals to work through emotional conflicts, increase self-awareness and to express unspoken and often unconscious beliefs. Art therapy is suitable for a range of ages and no previous art experience is required. Clients are given the tools and materials they need to produce paintings, drawings, sculptures and other types of artwork. The goal of art therapy is not about the art product itself, but instead it is about the creative journey of self-discovery and healing.


Young trauma survivors often do not have the means to place early memories through language. Art therapy combined with other therapeutic approaches can assist with the bridging of sensory memories and narrative. Art expression is helpful in reconnecting implicit (sensory) and explicit (declarative) memories of trauma.

Through engaging in art therapy children are able to express themselves creatively. Artwork can be useful tool to help individuals express painful events or emotions in a safe and non-threatening way. Through engaging in the process of creating, clients can share and reflect upon their life to gain new insight and effective strategies for change.


· Murals, Painting, Sculptures, Collages

· Group Murals, Clay, Beading, Mixed Materials

· Group Art Therapy, Individual Art Therapy

· Mask Making, Journaling, Drawing, Pastels, Charcoals.


Art therapy helps to:

· Increase self-awareness and self- exploration

· Enhance and improve self-esteem

· Provide a way to communicate thoughts, feelings and beliefs

· Develop problem-solving skills

· Improve and manage difficult or challenging behaviours

· Increase self-awareness and self-knowledge

· Explore beliefs and values

· Uncover unconscious beliefs

· Improve interpersonal and social interaction skills.

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