What is self-care? 5 tips to taking care of yourself

As many of us experience, life often gets away from us and we forget to take care of ourselves. We spend our time juggling work, social activities, children’s activities, family gatherings, community engagements and other commitments we agree to. Self-care is a way to take care of oneself emotionally, mentally, and physically in a healthy way. Self-care includes taking time for yourself and doing activities you enjoy.

Here are 5 tips for engaging in self-care:

  1. Participate in regular self-care

Participating in regular self-care ensures that you are regularly reducing stress and anxiety from your everyday activities. It allows you to recharge your batteries to be able to put more energy into your other commitments, without burning out.  

  1. Do something you enjoy

Self-care should not be a chore. Choosing activities that you enjoy will help you want to engage in self-care. When participating in regular self-care, choosing various activities will help keep things fresh and reduce the chance of you getting tired of one activity.  

  1. Create a balance

Creating a balance is important when participating in self-care. There are multiple areas of your life that need attention, and often at different times. You may feel like you need to take care of your emotional needs today, whereas tomorrow you may need to pay particular attention to your physical needs. There are 6 areas to maintain a balance between: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social, and professional

  1. Create a plan

Creating a plan allows you to integrate self-care into your daily life, without causing stress and anxiety. By creating a self-care plan., you are allowing for a balance among your commitments, and taking care of yourself. You can create a daily or weekly self-care plan and an emergency self-care plan for when you require extra care and are unsure where to start.  

  1. Self-care is not selfish!

It is important to remember that self-care is not selfish! You require self-care to take care of yourself and taking care of yourself is a vital part of keeping yourself healthy!

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