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Emily works with the Specialized Organizational Services of Health Canada to deliver workshops related to trauma and resiliency, mental health in the workplace and vicarious trauma Additionally, Emily delivers "The Working Mind" training and is available to provide this anti-stigma, skill-building workshop to both managers and employees within the federal government.

Together with the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute, Emily provides both public and on-site trainings (via Zoom and in person, as appropriate). These trainings are designed to give clinicians, healthcare workers, and other helping professionals the tools they need to feel confident in their roles. These trainings can be booked directly through contacting CTRI.

Independently, Wholetherapy can also provide tailored psycho-educational or training workshops to organizations interested in supporting their team's mental and emotional wellness.

Wholetherapy provides counselling services to: Individuals, Families, children, and Couples

Difficult experiences impact how we function in life. If you're experiencing difficulty as a result of trauma, loss, family dysfunction, illness, drastic life change, or some other challenge, contact us for an initial appointment.
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