What is summertime sadness? Tips for coping effectively with change in seasons.

Summertime sadness is similar to seasonal affective disorder (or SAD), which is when our mood begins to change as the weather changes, generally from warmer to colder months causing us to experience a type of depressive state. The lesser known phenomena, summertime sadness, is when we notice our anxiety or stress levels rising with the transition into warmer months. 

Although summer is often associated with having fun, hanging out with friends and family, and spending more time outdoors, we can also experience an increase in negative emotions for a number of reasons. Such reasons include imposing more expectations on ourselves, lack of sleep due to longer days and busier schedules, extreme heat and the impact that has on the body, an increased fear of missing out (FOMO) on fun or social activities, etc. 

Thankfully, there are steps that we can take to keep our summertime sadness at bay and cope with it more effectively. A helpful tip for any time of the year is learning to be more mindful of your body and what it needs - this can look like limiting time in the heat, wearing appropriate clothing, drinking lots of water, etc. Taking breaks to reflect on your mental wellbeing and examining the expectations we are putting on ourselves is also important as disappointment stems from our expectations not being met. It is ok to listen to what our bodies are telling us! Creating a schedule and giving yourself grace while scheduling can also go a long way in ensuring you’re rested and recharged. Speaking to a therapist about your anxiety, expectations, values, etc. is also a great tool too!

If you’re experiencing summertime sadness, or resonate with this blog post, feel free to reach out to Shelby Foeller at Wholetherapy for an initial therapy session (phone 902-461-1721 or email info@wholetherapy.ca)

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