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Couples Therapy

Deepening connection and intimacy.

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Engaging in couples counselling can create opportunities within your relationship for deeper connection and intimacy.

Too often, people think couples therapy is only for those whose relationship is in trouble. Couples often avoid seeking support until they are on the brink of separation. At Wholetherapy, we encourage couples to tend and nurture their relationships regularly.

Our therapists draw on Gottman Theory and Emotionally-Focused Therapy interventions when working with couples. We strive to assess the strengths existing within your relationship as well as areas of growth that need some attention. We aim to help both members of our couples to see and hear their partner's perspective and to risk the vulnerability of being seen and understood themselves.

Wholetherapy provides counselling services to: Individuals, Families, and Couples

Difficult experiences impact how we function in life. If you're experiencing difficulty as a result of trauma, loss, family dysfunction, illness, drastic life change, or some other challenge, contact us for an initial appointment.
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