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Mindfulness and Somatic Therapy

Using the mind-body connection to assist with mental healing.

A little more information...

At Wholetherapy, we use research-informed interventions to teach you to regulate your nervous system and help you persevere following adversity. This can help you feel more at peace and more in control of your life.

Recent studies in the neurobiology of trauma have shown that cultivating mindfulness skills is an effective way to stabilize our minds and bodies when our nervous system is triggered or when we are experiencing emotional dysregulation.

We support you in developing effective strategies that can help you find that place within yourself that feels safe, secure, and stable.  As much as experiencing stress or discomfort is part of the human condition, so is being able to regulate our emotional experience by finding our way back to a state of calm.  Mindfulness skills are invaluable in helping us return to that healthy place within us.

Wholetherapy provides counselling services to: Individuals, Families, children, and Couples

Difficult experiences impact how we function in life. If you're experiencing difficulty as a result of trauma, loss, family dysfunction, illness, drastic life change, or some other challenge, contact us for an initial appointment.
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