Anger Management

Move from aggression to assertiveness

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Anger tends to be commonly misunderstood as a negative and unhelpful emotion. On the contrary, the felt experience of anger can be a true gift. When we know how to slow down and listen to our anger, it can actually help us to notice when our boundaries are being violated, when we are experiencing disrespect, and when we need to speak up for ourselves. Often, people equate the felt emotion of anger with aggressive behaviours, but it is entirely possible to experience anger without acting out in aggression. When we learn to listen to our anger, we can use it to get grounded and to practice assertiveness rather than aggression. We are better able to clarify what we want and need, communicate more effectively, and make adjustments without harming or alienating our loved ones.

It is relatively common for people to act out of aggression as a result of long-suppressed emotions, perspectives and opinions. We will work with you to become familiar with your own internal cues, which will allow you to notice when something is off, when it's time to advocate for yourself, or when you need to make a change. Not only will this assist in maintaining healthy relationships, it will also help you to be heard and to have your needs met in a more effective way.

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