Anxiety Disorders

Calm your nervous system and regain your grounding.

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Anxiety can show up differently for different people. When left untreated, it can become all consuming -- threatening to jeopardize our sleep, our relationships, our sense of competency, and our confidence. Sometimes, as a result of anxiety, we engage in people-pleasing tendencies and perfectionism. Other times, we might experience panic and isolate ourselves. When we feel as if we are walking on eggshells, worry can take over and it can be hard to see things clearly.

Our therapists are trained to help you regain your sense of grounding, reconnect to yourself, and confront your anxiety head-on. We are trained in a variety of modalities and can work with you in session to confront your anxious thoughts, feelings, and body sensations as well as teach you skills to calm your nervous system between sessions. We can also help you to address the early life experiences that may have led to the onset of your anxiety.

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